2017 applications are closed, congratulations to all the candidates. 

See you next year!


How to apply?

Each candidate must submit an application for the Award of their choice. You can apply for yourself, on behalf of your company or suggest a candidate by sending an email to 


To submit an application to one of the suggested awards, you have to :

  1. Inform our team that you decided to be candidate (team@itone.lu) so we can help you during the process and send you all the necessary information if needed.
  2. Complete your application form
  3. Register for the Information Security Awards Gala Dinner by filling in this order form and sending it to team@itone.lu



  • To apply, the company or person must submit a project led in Luxembourg or with a company based in Luxembourg and be present (or represented) at the Awards Ceremony.
  • The candidate must attend (or be represented) during the Award Ceremony 
  • The application to the award IS Personality of the Year is free. Other prizes are subject to application fees: €100 excl.VAT/prize.


Important note

The jury will evaluate the candidates according to specific criteria including professionalism, innovation, quality & ethics, They will value case studies more than commercial speeches.

The jury recommend the information security providers to present an application jointly with their client.